OBIR Magazine Web Site Awakens!

Courtesy of the good will and technical skill of Jean Weber (former faned of the famous 1980’s Australian fanzine “Weber Woman’s Wrevenge”), this web site has been launched as the home base for OBIR Magazine. I am absolutely delighted and grinning from ear to ear.

The site is meant as the primary source for issues for the zine (issues #1 & 2 already uploaded under “Current Issue / Back Issues”). I deliberately chose a domain name which should be easy to search for and find on the web. Hopefully I will attract more readers as time goes on.

OBIR Magazine is free, by the way. No charge to you. Want to promote and celebrate Canadian Speculative Fiction as best I can, and I figure free is a pretty attractive price, one that will encourage readers to make the zine a regular habit.

It is my intention to publish every month, or at worst, every two months. Hope you enjoy OBIR!

OBIR Magazine welcomes you!


OBIR Magazine devoted to presenting the absurd literary taste of R. Graeme Cameron.

Note: OBIR Magazine is a non-profit SF&f fiction review magazine which costs nothing and is free to anyone who wants to read it. No income is derived from distribution of this online non-profit magazine, nor from any ads contained within its pages as all ads are placed at no charge to the advertiser. Boreal is not a business but rather a private hobby publication.

Herein you will find reviews of Canadian Speculative Fiction Novels, Anthologies, Magazines, and Short Stories judged according to the following review system:

 (5*) Exhilarating = Really, really exciting. Eye-opening. Dance a jig time.

 (4*) Great Fun = Thoroughly enjoyed it. Ripping good yarn. Stimulating.

 (3*) Entertaining = Pleasing. Memorable. A good read. Worthwhile.

 (2*) Interesting = Something intriguing about it, but not enough to get me excited.

 (1*) Not to my taste = Doesn’t appeal to me due to my personal prejudices.

Note that my rating system doesn’t judge works on their intrinsic merit so much as how they run up against my personal preferences and prejudices. Readers should bear this in mind. I could be dead wrong about everything!