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R. Graeme Cameron has been active in SF Fandom for more than 40 years.

He has won two Aurora Awards (Fan categories), and is currently Administrator of the Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards (the ‘Faneds’), now in its fourth year. Even worse, he has been the presenter of the genre-spoofing “Elron Awards” since 1989.

He is Chairman of the B.C. SF Association and sits on the board of four other Fannish organizations.*

He is the editor of numerous Fanzines, including the “Auroran Lights” newsletter on behalf of CSFFA, his personal zine “Space Cadet” (shortlisted for the 2015 Auroras), and OBIR Magazine.

In addition he writes a weekly opinion column (also nominated for the 2015 Auroras) for Amazing Stories Magazine, and is the webmaster for the Canadian Science Fiction Fanzine Archive where he posts historical data in his guise as an active Fantiquarian.

Is he crazy? Absolutely. Crazy about Science Fiction. At long last retired, now he can get down to his real purpose in life – serving Canadian Fandom. Heck of a hobby.

Space Cadet you can < find here! >

Auroran Lights you can < find here! >

Canadian SF Zine Archive you can < find here! >

*The other four organizations are:

CSFFA – The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (Aurora Awards)

CFFAS – The Canadian Fanzine Fanac Awards Society (Faned Awards)

WCSFA – The West Coast Science Fiction Association (registered society)

VCON – Vancouver’s annual SF convention since 1971.

To contact me, click on  R. Graeme Cameron

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