OBIR Magazine is NOT a learned academic journal delivering final judgements as to the true worth of a given piece of fiction in the literary scheme of things.

Nope! It is a bunch of purely personal and subjective reviews by an old curmudgeon who just happens to be a rabid and fanatical science fiction fan. I judge works entirely by the criteria of whether they appeal to me or not, and since I have eclectic, not to say eccentric, tastes, some of my conclusions may surprise or even bewilder you. You have been warned.

Truth is I’m on a bit of a mini-crusade to celebrate and promote Canadian SF&F genre writing. Consequently it is unlikely I will ever award any piece my lowest rating of “abysmal.” If I read something like that, I won’t review it.

I will point out what I consider to be flaws, be they plot holes or plain bad writing, but mostly I will concentrate on strengths and virtues. It’s not so much the writing style or technique I’m interested in, but the story the author is trying to tell and what it means to me. You’ll find no objectivity here. Just opinion based on my personal biases, backed by my profound ignorance, tinted by my general incompetence, and scoured raw by my magnificent planet-sized ego.

Not your average critic, in other words, but something much less. Which is perfect. I’m more the average everyman reader than the typical learned scholar who knows what he’s talking about. Because I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m making it up as I go along. Pleasing critics is one thing. Writing something which appeals to the average guy is more profitable. If you can write something which pleases ME you will undoubtedly rake in the cash and become a “filthy [rich] pro,” as traditional SF fans are wont to say, in no time at all!

Then again, my logic may be flawed. All I can say for certain is I’M not the guy who’s going to get rich simply because I’m handing out OBIR for free. My business plan may be flawed too. I revel in my flaws. I revel in sharing my opinions. I revel in revelling. Expect nothing serious. I ain’t serious. Just opinionated.

I plan to have fun. I hope you will too.

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