Jon Carver of Barzoon, You Misunderstood

Jon Carver of Barzoon, You Misunderstood – By Graham J. Darling – (Cdn – Vancouver B.C. – Find it here

Premise: The true nature of Jon Carver’s experience on Barsoon is revealed. That’s it. If I say much more I’ll risk my comments being longer than the story itself. It’s a very short short.

Rating: Entertaining. At first I tried to interpret the story as a metaphor explaining the nature of the readership’s relationship with the wish fulfillment fantasies of the sort largely invented by Edgar Rice Burroughs (original then, but the mother of all clichés now). Upon rereading I realized the story is actually rather Lovecraftian in a horrific way. Then I tried to see if the two concepts were somehow partnered, but that made my brain hurt and so I stopped.

Granted, I’m such a Lovecraft enthusiast. I tend to see Lovecraftian undertones everywhere (in my Kraft Dinner, for instance), but I think my interpretation is correct. The story is also a spoof of “John Carter of Mars” but to state the obvious is to state the obvious. Basically it is an entertaining piece of whimsy. I like it.


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