Spider Moves the World

Spider Moves the Worldby Dominik Parisien – (Cdn) – Find it here

Premise: A man near death, alone in the desert, is rescued by a caravan of giant spiders.

Okay, THIS I liked. Surreal fantasy, I assume. The premise is simple and easy to accept. After that everything flows from the premise, in that an accumulation of detail observed by the man reveals the complexities and sophistication of spiders on a journey. Their mode of life is internally consistent and credible, and becomes the norm, leading the man to question his own values.

What’s it about? Buggered if I know. A metaphor for life’s purpose and questioning the meaning of it all I suppose. Point is I found this more accessible than the first story, possibly because it strikes me as more linear and coherent in structure. I just enjoyed being carried along with the man, learning at the same pace he did.

Rating: Entertaining. If my “Moby Dick” expectations were disappointed in the first tale, this story reminds me of the travels of Marco Polo for some reason and feels oddly familiar and reassuring. Rather enjoyed it.

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