A Monster in the Midst

A Monster in the Midstby Julio Toro San Martin  (Cdn – Toronto) – Find it here

Premise: Green slime mold has covered much of the Earth in the age of King Louis and Queen Marie Antoinette. The Vicomte Triste leads an expedition of aerostats to a point in the Atlantic where his clockwork man (which he invented) tells him to drop into the sea in a submarine (also of the Vicomte’s invention) to confront the horror at the centre of the contagion, potentially a bad idea it turns out. Seems the Vicomte has not thought things through.

A touch of steampunk, a liberal spread of unspeakable horror, and a character whose thoughtless heroics and unjustified confidence faithfully reflect the mindset of the nobility in the historical reality of the period; what’s not to like? Not what I would call “serious” horror, being rather light-hearted in nature, without much solid substance, but definitely a good read.

Rating: Entertaining. This sort of story cheers me up and makes me chuckle. I repeat, not for you to question my sanity…

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