Go Home Again

Go Home Again – by Simon Strantzas  (Cdn – Toronto) – Find it here

Premise: A young woman returns to her mold-encrusted family home seeking some sense of why first her father and then her mother abandoned her as a child. Confronting one’s past, or the remaining evidence of it, can be difficult indeed.

The past, for most people it seems, constitutes a sort of painful baggage one is forever trying to let go of yet seldom succeeds in getting rid of. The horror of it can only grow worse with time. Confronting it face-to-face is the solution, or so Freud would say. Maybe. Maybe not.

Rating: Interesting. There be angst here too, though more in the nature of a quest than self-perpetuating misery, so easier for me to read. Plus the evocative description of the state of the house and what lay within it made me want to keep reading. The ending, on the other hand, didn’t quite appeal to my taste, left me feeling a bit disappointed. However the ending makes sense and the story works as a seamless whole, so I’m just being persnickety. Did enjoy the atmosphere quite a bit.

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