Acrobatic Duality

Acrobatic Dualityby Tamara Vardomskaya – (Cdn – Toronto) – Find it here

Premise:  Competing world class gymnasts perform 3 types of exercises: Balance, Dynamic and Combined, each with their own characteristics.

Couldn’t pick a topic I am less interested in, but Tamara writes about it from an insider’s knowledge (it seems) and keeps me intrigued throughout. Kim and Alana are better at teamwork than any other pair, for a truly unique reason they depend on but do not understand, a reason SF genre-related and very much a puzzle. They don’t know if they dare question their talent, but are increasingly afraid not to.

Rating:  Entertaining. This is a classic example of a good premise not fully explained yet so clearly delineated in its consequences that you care for those affected and wonder what is going to happen. The writing is sparse and efficient, very much like the gymnast routines it describes, yet beautiful to behold (again, like a really good gymnast routine). A model of clear and precise writing AND storytelling.

Interesting to note this was Tamara’s first professional sale, written while she attended the 2014 Clarion Writers workshop and sold BEFORE the workshop was finished. Off to a good start I’d say.

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